What You Need To Know About Buying a Pool

Purchasing a swimming pool should be an exciting and fun time. Avoiding any pitfalls will help make this purchase a pleasurable experience.

The key to making any master purchasing decisions is to be well informed. Remember a swimming pool will become a very permanent part of your home and your life, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

How much does an in-ground swimming pool cost?

At Leisure World Pools one of the most frequently asked questions is “how much is an in-ground swimming pool going to cost me?” Unfortunately this is a difficult question to give a direct answer to as there are many variables that can impact the price.

To provide you with some background, the cost of the swimming pool project will be influenced by many factors, including:

  • Swimming Pool Size
  • Available Access for Installation
  • Level or Sloped Yard
  • Add-on Options and Accessories (Ex. underwater lighting, cover systems, heating, etc.)
  • Exterior Finishes (Ex. decking, landscaping, etc.)

Asking how much a swimming pool can cost is like asking how much it costs to build a home. There are almost limitless possibilities to be considered when calculating the cost of your new in-ground pool.

If you are on a tight budget, we can assist you with getting the right swimming pool installed that will meet your family and budget needs.

Five things to know before you receive an estimate.

At Leisure World Pools we hear the same common questions:

  • What should I ask?
  • What should I know?
  • What should I investigate?
  • How do I get started?

A swimming pool purchase is a major decision for the family and you want to make sure you are as prepared as possible. We would like to give you five things that every swimming pool shopper should consider before they receive a site visit to get an estimate.

  1. Make sure that the entire family wants a swimming pool.
    • You may think this sounds silly, but trust us, it’s not. In fact, knowing that you do or do not want a swimming pool in your home is the key to your ability in making sound decisions on what will be a solid investment for your family. We receive countless phone calls where one spouse wants a pool and the other just needs some “convincing”. If you haven’t been able to convince them, there is no way we can! Leisure World pools is here to help you choose the right swimming pool with the right options for all your family’s needs.
  2. Know what swimming pool features are important to you.
    • What aesthetic look are you searching for?
    • What functionality are you looking to achieve from a swimming pool?
    • How will you use the swimming pool – swimming laps or just floating around?
    • To fit a budget would you prefer a large pool with less options or a smaller pool with more options?
    • These are just a few common questions swimming pool shoppers  should consider as part of their investigation process. This is why every swimming pool shopper should  consider what’s important to them about their swimming pool and then rate these in order before they meet with Leisure World Pools on site. Trust us when we say that by doing this your ability to focus on the right swimming pool with the right options will be enhanced drastically.
  3. Know what’s most important to you about the swimming pool structure.
    • Some important questions to consider include:
      • Is the quality of the swimming pool the most important or the price?
      • Is the warranty on the swimming pool structure a priority or the price more of a consideration?
    • Like any product category, the quality of a fiberglass swimming pool varies from company to company. At Leisure World Pools, we have a reputation of building very high quality swimming pools with excellent warranties at a very reasonable price.
    • The word “quality” has been highly overused these days, so you need to investigate how a manufacturer ensures that it provides a quality product. In order to understand the quality of a swimming pool, ask the following questions:
      • What testing is undertaken to ensure the quality of the swimming pool?
      • What raw materials are used in manufacturing the pool?
      • What type of warranty is offered and does the swimming pool come with an osmosis warranty?
      • Does the manufacturer test both the incoming raw materials and the manufactured swimming pool?
      • What information is available on the manufacturers website on how they deliver quality?
    • You are making a large investment and need to ensure that the swimming pool you are selecting will last the test of time and provide you the maximum value for your money.
  4. Know what you are looking for in a pool builder.
    • Some important questions to consider include:
      • Are you looking for Leisure World Pools to do a complete turnkey installation?
      • Are you looking for Leisure World Pools to install just the swimming pool, leaving the balance of the work with you?
      • Is price your key decision, or is the quality, workmanship and reputation of Leisure World Pools a key factor in your decision?
    • These are important questions that every swimming pool shopper should answer before they meet with a pool builder. Many people initially say that the bottom line price is the determining factor, when ultimately the decision is made based on getting the best value for the money invested, even if it isn’t the lowest price. Getting a quality product and professional service can save you money in the long run.
  5. Know your true budget.
    • It is important to know your true budget so that we can provide you with the right guidance on your swimming pool project.
    • We strongly suggest that you consider how you intend to finance the project, investigate your financing options, and have things ready before meeting with Leisure World Pools. This allows us to design specifically to your budget and needs.

How do I finance an in-ground swimming pool?