Thursday Pools Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Your Weekend Starts Early with Thursday Pools!


Quality Design

Thursday Pools inground fiberglass swimming pools are designed using the latest computer technology and time-proven specifications and techniques. They comply with the AMSI/NSPI-5 pool design requirements.

Precision Built Pool Molds

The pool molds are constructed using steel versus wood supporting structures, which provides the highest structural integrity of the mold. Laser alignment and measurements are utilized throughout the construction of each mold, guaranteeing accuracy. This is the backbone for producing a pool that has dimensional integrity every time.

Highest Quality Raw Materials

Thursday Pools are fiberglass pool manufacturers that use the very best raw materials. Their gel coats, resins, fiberglass and structural cores are from the best suppliers in the industry. Thursday Pools Design and Quality departments have tested and approved each supplier because of the excellent materials, not because of low cost.