The Sutherland

The Benefits of the Sutherland Semi-Inground /Above Ground Pool


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  • The Sutherland is adaptable to both fresh and salt water! If you want to add a salt generation system, that’s not an issue. Sutherland is totally resistant to the corrosive nature of salt generators.
  • What good is a pool if you can’t sit at water’s edge to cool your feet or just to rest? The Sutherland offers a 5 inch top perimeter rail so you can do just that. Options include either a tan PVC or synthetic wood.
  • For total inground applications the Sutherland offers an attractive aluminum bullnose coping Make your Sutherland pool the most energy efficient pool on the market. Most on-ground or semi-inground pool owners use a solar cover to help maintain water temperature. However, they often miss the importance of insulating the sides of pools, which helps prevent heat loss. Studies have shown you can reduce your monthly operating costs with the use of a sufficiently insulated pool wall.
  • Sutherland gives you many exterior finish option, not just one. And, you can change it at any time, just because you want to!