PUR Spas

Pür Spas combine the comfort of roomy seating with a pleasant intensity of jet power that will make your relaxation experience one to remember. Pür Spas offers three unique models to accommodate your personal seating preferences.

The Spartan

With it’s two captain’s chairs and a triple bench seat, the Spartan let’s you slip into a seat, sit back and just relax.

One chair is 2” wider and 2” deeper than the other to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. Both chairs are equipped with armrests. A full width bench seat enables barrier free movement in the spa and its curved ends enable it to double as a lounger. 

It weighs approximately 320 lbs., dry weight, and it has built in hand recesses for easy lifting and handling. It can easily be transported in the back of most pick-up trucks, on a small trailer or in a moving truck so you don’t ever have to worry about leaving your spa behind again. If you are looking for simplicity, comfort, quality, portability and affordability, then you need to join the Spartan force.

The Feeling

If it’s a lounger that you want, then the Feeling is for you. 

It’s sleek, modern design not only exudes practical features, but it also blusters with features like a back lit, cascading waterfall, external LED sconce lighting, hand recesses for easy portability and 100% accessibility to the plumbing and equipment.

You can relax in either of the two opposing lounge chairs or you can stretch your legs out and lay back in the full length lounge chair. The lounge chair also enables you to swing your legs around, sit up and enjoy a family conversation.

The Orion

And if it’s roominess you’re looking for, the Orion offers open seating and four jet selection options. With it’s roomy design and open spaces, the Orion will soon become your favorite social gathering spot for both family and friends. 

With four oversized corner seats, comfort is a natural and their placement is ideal for having group talks. The footwell in the Orion is oversized and it is two-tiered for added leg room and more comfort options. The floor area also has two textured zones. Not only can you enjoy hydro therapy massage, but you can also benefit a massage on the bottom of your feet at the same time. 

The Orion has 28 adjustable, stainless steel jets which include foot and neck jets for total massage coverage. There is also a 4-way diverter jet to enable a variety of massage options and to provide the opportunity to increase jet intensity. You can direct the water through all 28 of the spa jets or you can increase the intensity by directing it through only two of the four seats or you can direct it through the other two seats or you can have it all blast through the diverter jet, by itself.