Pool Opening and Closing

Pool Openings Consist of:

  • Remove winter plugs
  • Install equipment drain plugs and strainer baskets
  • Prime and start filter pump (if system is operational)
  • Add DE (if applicable)
  • Insert filter (if applicable)
  • Check circulation for adequate flow
  • Install ladders, handrails, diving board, slide and light (if applicable)
  • Liquid chlorine shock and algaecide – please allow pool to circulate 24 hours before adding further chemicals (please notify us if you require peroxide shock)
  • Free delivery of pool chemicals – Stock up for the whole pool season

Cover Removal also available:

  • Remove water from cover, brush to clean, fold cover


  • Remove safety cover, reseat cover anchors, and fold cover

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Remove, clean and store your pool cover if we’re not providing that service.
  • Turn on electrical power and water at equipment area.
  • Make sure plugs and baskets are at the equipment location.
  • Add water to proper operating level
  • Bring a water sample to our store after opening to complete water balancing

Pool Closings Consist of:

  • Remove equipment drain plugs and drain: pump, filter heater, feeder (if applicable)
  • Remove directional inlets and blow water from the circ lines, add antifreeze
  • Install the customers winter plugs and skimmer freeze protection device
  • Remove ladders, handrails, diving board (if applicable) and set aside for storage
  • Add shock and winterizer (stain control and clarifier)
  • The chemicals we add will be COMPATIBLE with any of your chemicals!

Cover Service also available:

  • Place winter cover with water tubes


  • Anchor mesh safety cover

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Vacuum pool if needed
  • Adjust water level to the bottom of skimmer opening
  • Turn on electrical power to power vac/blower
  • Make sure plugs and winterizing device are available/accessible
  • Cover pool, after pool is closed/winterized (if we are not providing that service)

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