It’s Time For A Staycation!

Is this the year for your “STAYCATION” ?

We Make it AFFORDABLE & EASY ……. 3 Different Ways!

Sale ABSOLUTELY ENDS April 15th – we are almost booked on preseason orders!



These are our lowest prices of the year!

Southport GLX

18ft. Rd. A/G Pool

MODEL: SouthPort GLX 52”

*Pool Only-$1590 (DIY)

*Pool W/SwimPack®️-$2,747

*Pool W/SwimPack & PRO Install-$4,395

Nova STR

24ft. Rd. A/G Pool

MODEL: Nova STR 54”

*Pool Only-$2,675 (DIY)

*Pool W/SwimPack®️-$3,890

*Pool W/SwimPack & PRO Install-$5,890

Super Nova

27ft. Rd. A/G Pool

MODEL: Supernova 54”

*Pool Only-$3,485 (DIY)

*Pool W/SwimPack®️-$4,890

*Pool W/SwimPack & PRO Install-$6,849


*Pool Pro™️Maintenance Kit

Dlx thermometer, leaf net, wall brush, weighted vac head, floating vacuum hose, Telescopic Ultra Vacuum Pole and Care test kit.

*Pool Pro™️Skimmer circulation system & Vac plate.



On All (DIY)-do it yourself Pool & SwimPack®️


For the “ULTIMATE” pool

Don’t Forget To Ask Us about~SwimPackPlus®️

Check out ton’s of other cool options like heaters, lighting and more!

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