Vortex Spas is proud to introduce IKON. Inspired by luxury marine and modern architecture, and driven by a burning desire to innovate, IKON is what happens when you start with a clean slate, remove all the clutter, and focus entirely on form, function, and experience.

Painstakingly designed from the ground up with meticulous attention to detail, IKON is a total rethink of how spa technology and modern living come together for the ultimate in relaxation.

IKON is a spa pool like no other.

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Comfort redefined.


IKON takes a whole new approach to spa seating. We recognize that people like to move around and adjust their depth to regulate body temperature. Instead of being restricted to one position, IKON’s gently contoured landscape seating allows you to sit naturally in multiple positions. Whether you want to lie back, sit up, swivel around or cool off, you can move easily and adjust your body for the ideal level of immersion.

Adding to new levels of spa comfort, IKON’s hydrotherapy jets are discreetly distributed for maximum relief and minimal intrusion.

Inspired by luxury marine.


IKON features a maintenance free Flexiteek deck, just like those seen on super yachts the world over. The spa deck provides space to sit or lie down, yet stay close to the action, as well as room to put food, drinks and towels.

Enjoy the feeling of a luxury super yacht and all the benefits of an in-ground spa, whilst maintaining portability.

Contemporary design cues.


Nowhere is IKON’s architectural influence more apparent than in the choice of the aluminium composite cladding to define the striking angles of the exterior cabinet. Flush, screwless surfaces and contemporary negative detailing is combined in this high performance and maintenance free cladding, designed to complement your modern architecture and lifestyle.

IKON is available in two beautiful colors: Carbon and Cloud. Cladding that not only looks stunning but delivers high-performance year after year.

Moods to suit yours.


IKON’s jets, lighting, water temperature and setup are fully adjustable using the built in touchscreen interface, or from your smartphone app.

The Vortex app lets you control your spa mood settings. Whether you want therapeutic, relaxation, or party mode, you can dial it up or tone it down to suit your mood.

Design that complements.


With IKON, even getting in and out of your spa has undergone a total makeover. No longer an afterthought, IKON’s removable floating steps project from the spa cabinet and feature a slip proof, Flexiteek surface that complements the spa deck.

Topside, IKON has a snugly fitted, folding hardcover made of high-density insulating foam and secured by super yacht latch fixings. This stylish cover design is completed by a Sunbrella® fabric wrap – a premium, marine-grade covering used for luxury outdoor furniture on super yachts.

10 x 100mmSingle Spinning Jet
8 x 100mmDirectional Jet
18 Jets in total

Vortex spas are built with quality, durable materials to withstand Australia and New Zealand’s climate extremes. Backed by our industry leading warranties, you can trust that a Vortex spa is a sound investment that you will enjoy for many years.

Superior Aristech acrylic finish – made in the USA

Vortex spas and swim spas feature luxurious American made acrylic surfaces from Aristech.

Aristech are the world’s leading acrylic manufacturer, so we are confident that Vortex spas have the very best surface finish available.

Thermobond 4 layer oven-cured shell

The shell of a spa is its most important component, so all Vortex spa shells are manufactured using a proprietary eight step, four layer process.

The acrylic surface is chemically bonded to vinyl ester resin for unsurpassed adhesion. A marine grade fibreglass layer is applied for torsional strength, before a final polyceramic layer is added for ultimate rigidity. Oven curing is used throughout the process to ensure optimal bonding.

4 deck / cabinet colour combinations

We know every customer and location is unique. With 4 beautiful deck and cabinet colour combinations, there’s one to suit.

You can blend colour choices to create a personalised spa look, that complements your home environment.

Timber free ‘no rot’ Permaframe

Spa pools should be built to withstand the worst that nature can throw at them. Traditionally, spa pools have used timber frames which can be susceptible to rot, mildew and vermin damage.

The Vortex IKON is created using galvanised steel to give you years of trouble free ownership.

High impact moulded ABS base

Spa pools are constantly subjected to water around their base, leaving the underside vulnerable to water ingress and significant damage to framing and equipment.

To prevent this, Vortex portable spas feature a high sided, moulded, high impact ABS base pan that keeps the frame and equipment protected.

Duraflex ‘no kink’ PVC plumbing

Spa pool plumbing has to put up with a lot of wear and tear. The constant movement of hot, chemically treated water can break down pipes and cause leaks and blockages.

To prevent this, Vortex spas and swim spas are plumbed with Duraflex plumbing, which is specifically designed for use with hot, chemically treated water.

Duraflex plumbing incorporates a coil of rigid PVC that will flex but not kink, ensuring equal jet pressure for the life of your spa.

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EXCLUSIVELY SOLD by 🌐Leisure World Distribution 1245 Airport Pkwy. South Burlington, VT 05403 USA