Fiberglass Pool Pre-buy Sales

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We carry a wide selection of in-ground Fiberglass pool options to suit every need!

Must reserve now before they’re gone! The deadline is Feb. 15, 2021

$5,000 down to reserve pool/installation date for our 2021 new swimming pool program.

Latham In-Stock Fiberglass


2020 was the biggest year in the swimming pool & spa industry EVER! Across the country and around the world Pool builders are already booked for 2021 and beyond!

Consumers who do not secure their staycation product before the holidays for the 2021 season will face shortages, limited selections, and huge price increases, and most likely no products to choose from at all because all pool/spa manufacturers will be out of raw materials again like 2020.

All US and Canadian pool & spa manufactures have invested in their operations to keep up with demand and will be pumping outback stock however that is predicted to sell out no later than March 1, 2021.  So the bottom line is when pool shoppers come in thinking they would like a staycation in April, May & June our “normal” highest selling months we will be booked into 2022 and for sure no product even for DIY kits.  

By early April 2020 Amazon, Wayfair, Costco, Walmart, and all the big online box stores completely sold out of Intex “the low budget blue pool”!  as well as ANY brand pool there simply was nothing left!

The bottom line is yes… we all know that Covid 19 has driven people to work, dine & play at home.  I will tell you this was and is predicted by pool/spa industry experts for the next 3 PLUS YEARS the highest demand that our industry has ever seen and will by no doubt be Iconic and part of our greatest history in sales!

My family business has been working very hard 7 day’s a week to keep up with the high demand for our products.  Leisure World pools, Inc. is considered essential by the CDC as we were fortunate to be able to keep our business open to the public during the pandemic.  2020 was my companies 50th anniversary and once again we prevailed and provided that same SOLID SERVICE to ALL of our customers offering FREE delivery and service to those in need so they could have health, happiness, and cherished family backyard memories.

With Gratitude,

Leisure World, Inc


(2) EmpressOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2

(2) MajestyOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) OlympiaOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) Corinthian 16Ocean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) Corinthian 14Ocean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) Corinthian 12Ocean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) MonacoOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2

Modern Freeform

(2) BermudaOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) LagunaOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) CancunOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) CaribbeanOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) ArubaOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2
(2) FijiOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2

Traditional Freeform

(2) Cape CodOcean Blue G2Sapphire Blue G2

Color Options for Latham Pools

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Leisure Pools

  • Allure 30 Sapphire Blue CA
  • Allure 35 Sapphire Blue CA
  • Elegance 20 Silver Grey CA
  • Elegance 23 Graphite Grey CA

Elegance 39 Sapphire Blue CA

Eclipse 35 Graphite Grey CA

Harmony 16 Sapphire Blue CA

Infinity 40 Silver Grey CA

  • Pinnacle 30 Crystal Blue CA
  • Pinnacle 30 Sapphire Blue CA
  • Pinnacle 35 Sapphire Blue CA
  • Pinnacle 40 Sapphire Blue CA

Roman 23 Graphite Grey CA

Reflection 26 with Cover Sapphire Blue CA

Riviera 26 Sapphire Blue CA

  • Supreme 35 Sapphire Blue CA

  • Supreme 35 Silver Grey CA
  • Ultimate 30 Sapphire Blue CA
  • Ultimate 35 Crystal Blue CA
  • Ultimate 40 Aquamarine CA

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