Swimming Pool Contractor of the Year

We Are Proud to Represent Our Products, and so are Our Customers

After many years of having a large inefficient hot tub I was happy when we moved and I left it behind. But after a year or so in our new house my aches and pains became too unbearable, and so began our search for a new hot tub. After much research we decided on the ArcticSpa. Leisure World was awesome! Their employees were knowledgeable, it’s locally owned, and they gave us a warranty. Plus they service what they sell. The best part of the purchase was that they had the tub we wanted in stock – not backordered for months like many other dealers. After getting it home, we had it filled and heating within 2 hours…

I was concerned about the electric usage since my old tub averaged $50-$75 per month I thought the smaller tub might require more energy to keep it heated. I was pleasantly surprised when the first bill came and there was no discernable difference. The next month it was much colder and we used it daily but the bill was still barely any different. My wife works for the electric company and monitors our daily usage with smart meter technology; now 5 months into owning the Arctic Spa I’m blown away at the efficiency. It must be the hard top cover and tight seal…

I highly recommend this Arctic Spa tub to anyone that wants the benefits of having a hot tub without the huge electric usage costs usually associated. Leisure World will make the process easy with their professional and courteous approach, great tub prices (without the wait), service and supplies.

Thanks Leisure World!


Jason, Stowe, VT

We purcharsed our Inground Pool from Ray Bessery in 1972, and we are only on our second liner.

We still have the originial filter system and have had many years of Enjoyment.

Betty & Anthony P., Burlington, VT

My husband and I purchased a Super Nova Above Ground Pool from Tod Bessery in 1985.

It is still going strong. It’s the best inexpensive fun luxury product we have ever owned!

Susan & Gary P., Essex Junction, VT

My Resort has had superior service from Leisure World. I had an emergency service call on

Christmas Eve 2013 – very impressive! Saved our company thousands in Refunds!

Chuck B., Stowe, VT

I purchased my Hot Tub 36 years ago from Linda Bessery and have used it every day since.  There service department is outstanding ! All runs good and has lasted so long because Leisure World cares about me.  They know I have severe arthritis and need my hot medicine bowel (my hot tub) every day or I couldn’t function let alone walk.

I am a HUGE FAN of Leisure World love them all!  🙂

Madylyn K., Shelburne, VT